A handy (in the sense of "practical" ;) ) tool to download data from studIP. Use on your own risk and responsiblity!






I wrote this tool in my spare time with the purpose to improve my Java skills and to make my life with studIP a bit more effective. I think it might be useful for others too, thats why I share it here. But there is a big problem: You can only use this tool by sharing your login data with it. Why is this a problem you might ask? The obvious problem for you is, that the developer of any software that asks for passwords can send this data to himself and use it to do alot of harm with it. In this case, the login of studIP is also the login for your email adress, which would be very messy if somebody gets his hand on this. The problem for me as a developer is that if you use my tool and your studIP account gets hacked, you might point you finger at me. Thats why I assure here that the only way this data is used is to log in into studIP. This is my precondition for sharing this tool. If you dont believe that, DO NOT use this tool.


Please report bugs to "jwuelfin at University of Osnabrueck.Germany".