E-Commerce Web Project Part 2

HTML Web Page Samples

Michael Freundlieb

Our fictionary company is currently specialized in selling small radio controlled cars via catalog. The cars are being imported from Japan and Korea in big quantities and then sold directly to customers in the entire US. This project is initiated to reach a wider variety of customers via the internet and to reduce printing and shipping costs for the cataloges. In the long run our company wants to stop shipping cataloges to customers and sell our items via the internet only. We plan to build an online shop which represents an online version of the existing catalog. Moreover our present customers can receive internet sales support and take part in an online community. The community allows users to discuss about the latest products in a message board and a chatroom. Furthermore users can write reviews about products they purchased and request items they want to have added to the product range. The site will offer a news sections that provides information on the latest cars and tuning parts such as wheels, motors and transmissions which are also offered in the online shop. Customers should be able to search for certain products and to buy them directly or customize them with various tuning parts.

The functionality of the sytem is listed below:

We expect to increase our sales since we can reach more customers via the internet. Furthermore the website will reduce the costs for printing and shipping the catalogues. The website will not only fullfil shopping needs, but also establish an online community that provides valueable information on radio controlled cars for beginners as well as professionals. The possibility to customize cars is new compared to our present revenue model. The forum will have a special section where users can post their personal information in order to find other people who share their hobby and live in the same area. As an additional service the website will offer reviews on batteries and battery chargers. Eventually we are planning to add these items to our product range if customers desire to buy these items online as well.