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Here you can find some information about me and some probably helpful stuff when studying in Osnabrück. Besides, I play around with stylesheets, so the appearance of this site may change often.

Be aware that this site uses advanced CSS techniques, which are of course entirely valid according to the specifications of the W3C. However, some browsers, especially those from a big company from Redmond, are not capable enough of CSS to render this site correctly. So if this site looks terrible to you, try changing to Firefox or just use a browser that ignores stylesheets, like lynx. This will also work.

I studied Cognitive Science and mathematics (basic study period) at the University of Osnabrück from 10/2001 to 3/2005. If you are interested, you can take a look at my Bachelor's thesis. Currently I am studying mathematics (advanced study period) at the University of Erlangen. I am also working at the Cognitive Systems Group in Bamberg.

Gräfenberger Straße 19
91054 Buckenhof
Stephan.Weller (at)