Note: Download the SFSTLua library here.


A very crude wrapper around the Stuttgart Finite State Transducer (SFST) Tools, so the functionality I require can be called from within Lua scripts.

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This has only been tested under 64bit Linux, where you need to have the following installed:

Building and Installing

just execute ./ before make install.


Linking the library will FAIL if is not visible to the linker, so make sure it is situated in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib. Or invoke some linker magic unknown to me at his point :)

For convenience, I included some header files from SFST Tools in the “include” directory, along with the excellent luna.h C++ template class for Lua bindings by Lenny Palozzi.


If the library built successfully, run $ lua test.lua

The output should look like this:

You can use test.lua as a starting point to learn about the usage of the library.


Thanks to Peter Adolphs for providing me with his implementation of a ruby wrapper fo SFST.


thkruege ät uos döt de.

Note: This website primarily contains resources concerning my BSc thesis that I wrote in late 2009 in the area of Computational Linguistics to conclude my study of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck. My work produced a certain amount of code and data, which I share on these pages.

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