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(2001) Elephant

This picture was drawn on a wall with watercolor. It was not supposed to be an elephant but he just jumped out as I tried to change it... The pity of drawing on the wall is that everyone has to move one day...

(2002) Hare/Elephant

Actually this is again an elephant (when rotated 90° clockwise). But in this set up it seems to be a hare. This pic I have drawn for a friend.


(2003) Ocean

For one of my best friends I did this which somewhat reminds me of the sea, its movements...and all kind of animals.


(2004) Phoenix

Although everyone considers this one as most capturing pic, I personally do not really like it. The crazy creatures that pop into my eye when I look at it scared me somehow and during drawing I tried to get rid of them. I guess that only gave them even more pleasure to get vividly enhanced.

(2005) Salsa

My first picture in Portugal. Dancing Salsa is such a good thing. But as always, this theme just popped out. I would like this picture more if it was on a bigger canvas.

(2005) Forest Snake

Sometimes, it just comes out sh*t like in this one. I can't establish any relationship with this one.

(2005) Blue

...too flowing, not strong enough. But that makes it less heavy. Drawing with blue color is so much different. Refreshing but somehow depressing.

(2005) Green (working on)