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Statistik Miniskript

Statistik Tests (zipped Word)

Lineare Algebra I zip (Nachklausur Vogt WS02/03)

Lineare Algebra I (Klausur Spindler WS03/04) [pdf]

Computational Linguistics Summary SS03 (Part 1 / Part 2) [pdf]

Essay Writing Handbook 4 Philosophy Students [pdf] [english]

Neurobiology Questions/Answers (Part 1 / Part 2) [german]

Sensory Physiology Questions/Answers (Part1) [german/english]

An Interview with Donald Davidson [pdf] [english]

Essay on Donald Davidson's On a very idea of a conceptual scheme [pdf] [german]

Essay on Donald Davidson's Seeing through Language [pdf] [german]

Essay: The Agent’s Language - Communication in Multi-Agent Systems [pdf] [english]

Essay: A Re-Analysis of the Axiomatic Foundations of Collaborative Filtering
and the Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Recommender Systems
[pdf] [english]

Essay: Musik-Metadaten [pdf] [german] got questions, you need solutions? Just contact me