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Probably the most interesting section of this website.


The actual thesis discussing my work on the subject can be downloaded in PDF format.

Download here (888K PDF)


The actual implementation of the approaches I develop in my thesis. I exclusively used this code to generate the data I discuss there.

Download here (21M tar.bz2)

Warning: This archive does not include any documentation whatsoever. Refer to this page instead.


My SFST library for Lua, see the included README for documentation.

Download here (7.2K tar.bz2)


thkruege ät uos döt de

Note: This website primarily contains resources concerning my BSc thesis that I wrote in late 2009 in the area of Computational Linguistics to conclude my study of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck. My work produced a certain amount of code and data, which I share on these pages.

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